Enabling doctors to keep track of their medicines stock. At sports events for example (our original use case), each time a doctor gives a medicine to a patient, he or she scans the medicine bar code and select the patient’s name. This way M-Tracker keeps a record of the medicines stock and the patients health data. The client brief was to solve the issue of scattered paper notes written by the medical staff taking care of athletes during sport events.

1. Scan the medicine and select the patient.

2. Give the medicine to the patient.

3. Keep track of your stock at all time.

Would you like to know when M-Tracker will be released to the public?

Add a New Medicine to the stock

By scanning the medicine’s bar code the medical staff can add a new medicine to the stock. When adding a new medicine you need to specify:
– its name
– its initial quantity
– its earliest expiration date

Access the data from 3 different angles

You can access the history of each medicine, each patient and each staff. Have a look at the video to see how. You can also export all the information to a .csv file.

UX & UI Design with Figma

Once the concept is laid out on paper we start drawing the screens on Figma. At this stage the focus is on simplicity. Indeed many feature ideas will emerge but we know that even the ones that sound pretty relevant only have 25% of chance to be really successful once released (cf book “Inspired”, by Marty Cagan). The rules of design actually help us to keep to the essential. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” dixit Leonardo Da Vinci.

Development with Bubble

Bubble.is gives life to the wireframes designed on Figma. Its no code and all-in-one environment enables us to iterate faster than ever and to test the MVP with users in a matter of weeks. The databases, the design, the workflows are all managed seamlessly and ‘codelessly’.


A Martian ran into me on the street
and recoiled at my human impossibility.
How, he wondered, can there be a being
who so negates existence in the act of existing?

The Martian walked off, and I followed.
I needed him as a kind of proof.
But he refused to talk, vanishing
into the problem studded atmosphere.

An I was left by myself, absent from myself.

Science Fiction, by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, translated from Portuguese

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